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Jill Stuart Blooming Dew Collection

Announced to be launched later this month, the newest Jill Stuart collection is said to be dashing. The 2017 Blooming Dew Collection features new shades and products, and the most expected and wanted are the blushes. The collection itself was described as soft sunlight and comfortable breeze. It is like when you are relaxing with someone special, on a sunny picnic date. Imagine sharing a fruit, some sweet delight, or maybe just chatting and reading a good book. The collection inspires you to add a hint of red to your lips, cheeks, eyes. This is the makeup that glitters and sparkles in the sunshine, and also has a dose of sexiness.

2017 Blooming Dew Collection

is consisted of: Oil in Blush, Oil Rouge, Eye Palette, Nail polishes and Picnic Pouch.

The Blooming Dew Oil in Blush is expected launched on 21 April. The product itself is a powder, but it has moisture in it. The oil gives it a higher finish and glow. It will come in 5 different nuances of pink, red and rose.

The date for launching the Juicy Oil Rouge was 7th of April. The collection offers 7 different options in red, coral, pink, beige and plum.

The Nude Couture Eyes has two palettes of brown and beige eye shades.

The Fruit Juice Nails collection has 5 colors of nail polish, some with non-pearl finish, and some from the limited edition. The shades reflect the color of strawberry, cranberry, melon, pineapple and grape.

The Picnic Date Pouch is a limited edition cosmetic pouch that literally looks like a picnic lunchbox. It has a ribbon, and the size offer large capacity. There is a ā€œJā€ mark on clasp.

If you are in a romantic spring mood, there is no better time to go and try some of the newest products from this amazing collection.

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