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For all those looking for a career in fashion and make-up department, there is no better and easier time than now. All the social networks are flooded with videos on “how to”, “before and after” and similar beauty secrets. It is very easy today to enter the makeup business just with being on the social networks. Instagram offers tons of videos that will show you some ground works but also some of the famous finishing touches for you makeup. When you decide to follow certain account, you will discover that there are lots of videos in the form of something like a course for makeup beginners and for advanced techniques.

Becoming a successful make up artist requires having a creative ability and technical expertise, which, with proper course can lead to developing better skills for succeeding into a makeup career.

There are lots of online makeup courses to choose from for those interested in improving their makeup skills. Here is a list of the most popular online courses:




However, if you are more into the Kardashians’ looks, then you can follow their makeup artists Rob Scheppy and Mario Dedivanovic nad hair stylist Jen Atkin. Mario became famous as Kim Kardashian’s personal makeup stylist and now he teaches his own course “The Masterclass” which will take place in Dubai on 13th of January and in London on 18th of March.  “”

Also, when it comes to locks and beach waves, then you should not miss Jen Atkin’s “How To” hair tutorials –  “

If you are more like “do it at home” kind a girl, than there are plenty of videos on YouTube and tutorials on how to do your make up and hair.

The internet is full of all different kinds of beauty secrets, techniques, easy ways, tutorials and vlogs that will easily help you become a makeup artist or hair stylist.

Become an artist with just a makeup course.

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