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Airless pumps cosmetics

The market today offers products that can make your traveling much easier and let your make up be portable. That is why the makeup containers are the best solution for storing and transporting makeup. Lots of products come in heavy jars or big tubes, they are not so flexible to carry them in your purse and when you apply the product it most usually tends to get messy. Being exposed to air and bacteria is also an important factor why the makeup containers should be used more regularly.

It is best to put your liquid makeup in pump bottles because it is easy to control the amount of the dispensed product, the air exposure is drastically minimized and the most important of them all is that it stays hygienic. The main purpose of these bottles are that they are travel friendly, refillable and you can keep the foundations, lotions etc in them, safe from air contact. They are translucent and plastic, which is an advantage because the whole product is visible so you can easily keep track of the remaining amount. They are cheap so you can change them often. The bottles are pretty handy, save space and they are less likely to break if they do fall off the counter.

Different types of product can be stored into these bottles, but you have to do it the right way. If you want to transfer gel, you will need a spatula, zip lock bag and scissors. Transfer all the gel into the zip lock bag with the spatula, and then make a small hole in the down corner. Press the product from the bag thought the hole into the bottle and you will have all of it transferred in a fast and clean way. The more liquid ones can be directly transferred into the container.

Try this new way of storing your makeup and lotions and you will see a whole new world!



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